Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Next Big Thing...

I need the next big thing. I need the next important thing. I need to make it happen. I want the next thing. This isn't working for me. There's got to be more. I want it. I need to give myself an old fashioned pep talk. Where Knute Rockne when ya need 'im.

I think I need a morning mantra. Something to shake my head out of this mediocre nightmare that I have been accepting day after day after day.

Life is a work in progress. I am not willing to accept the meager progress that I am letting wash over me. It's time to kick some ass. That's a great mantra. KICK ASS.

Outta my way. It's time to move this. There's more. It will be mine.

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Blogger princess slea said...

i told you, the next big thing is "customized children's cartoons." parents will pay BiG bucks for what you can do.
NOT the plug in your child's name sort of thing but true customized kid's stories, like Chloe's.
you want the high end markets like the rich and famous who can buy anything.

12:26 PM  
Blogger princess slea said...

my other million dollar idea:
contract condoms.

each condom will have a small "contract" that both parties have to sign. it will have a copy for each participating person.
and a place for a witness (most likely a bartender) to sign as well.

ideal for famous sports stars.

12:28 PM  
Blogger Stinkypaw said...

My mantra is "It's on its way"... I just need to figure out from where and what the heck "it" is!

8:08 PM  

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