Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thoughts on another art show...

I've been kicking around an idea for some time now about what the next art show/series of paintings should be. I want to do something local, and Jamestown architecture has some real character. However, I started to think about what "makes" a place, or gives it an identity. Why is one place different from another? I came to the personal conclusion that what makes a place great, is the people. Not your family. Your family is always "there for you" whether you live next door, or across the planet. The same can be said about your friends. There's another series of paintings wrapped up in family and friends, but I think my next series is going to be something a little different.

The next show will feature a series of portraits of some of my favorite people doing what they do. What does that mean? Well, I want to paint people working, bartenders, batistas, clerks and cashiers. I love them. They need portraits. There's plenty of praise for heroes of the death defying variety, but I want to do something smaller and a little more personal. I dunno. Maybe it's a crazy idea. Maybe that's why I like it. Maybe that will make me want to do it even more. Studs Terkel with a paintbrush. Time to start sketching again.


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