Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where and when and why and who.

Where? Here. Here can change. Change is good. But here is always here and it's the very best place that ever was and will ever be until it isn't anymore.

When? Right friggin' now. It's time now. It's always time right now, and it's always the right time. It might be the right time to wait which doesn't mean the time is wrong now. It just means the time is right to wait. It's always right to be right, but it's best to be right, right now. Then is a joke. Don't worry about then. By then it will too late. Then what?

Why? Because. Do you need more? Really? Okay... because it needs to be. If you are asking why there needs to be a because, even if it stands around all by itself uncomfortably, then I can't explain it. I cringe at the thought of things I might have missed if I hung around looking for words to accompany "because." More often than not, because is enough.

Who? You! Duh! It's always you. Always!



Blogger Stinkypaw said...

Of course!

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