Friday, May 19, 2006

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

I know. There are those of you out there who will say that by blogging twice in as many days is just trying to make up for my abusive neglect over the past couple of months. I have but one response, "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

I have a very busy schedule (pronounce it like the english, shed-jool). Now you are sophisticated. How does it feel? Can I have some?

Do you know how busy a schedule can get? Yeah, me either... but I intend to break the "sane barrier" here in the next few weeks. The "sane barrier" is a lot like it's brother the more famous "sound barrier" only nobody every gets a medal for breaking the "sane barrier" though I do understand that you get some kind of sporty jacket with buckles on the back. How's that for sophisticated?

The "sane barrier" is easier for some folks to break because they live much closer to it. Once a person breaks it they can come back from it, at least I hope. If I don't return, I want you, the reader of this blog, to have my stuff. Its not much, but Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys do make for endless rainy day fun. Enjoy.


Blogger PreppyGirl said...

I'll take the Lincoln Logs. You know I love you right? Hang in there (imagine you're own picture of a kitty hanging from a tree).


3:49 PM  
Blogger PreppyGirl said...

If you really want a letter... I grant the letter L for LETTER-MAN!

12:39 PM  
Blogger njCYNical said...

"Letterman takes a P from his chest!" Gee, why do you think they never used that letter?

My shed-yule says it's a fine time to blog whenever you freakin' feel like it!

XOXO Love from AIFL Luneytic

3:19 PM  

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