Thursday, February 15, 2007

All I Really Need to Do is ...

I remember doing something like this a while ago.

It seems all of your goals and important information about your life can be found by using the Google® Search Engine.

By typing in specific statements which include your first name, you will understand all. The statements below were typed in and the search responses are posted after each...

"Gary wants" :

Gary wants to solve the trademark problem
Gary wants another mulligan.
Gary wants you to see the dryerballs.
Gary wants to lose his virginity to 'the right woman'
Gary wants more money

"Gary needs" :

Gary Needs a Job.
Gary needs your help.
Gary needs to be set up with a woman who is more OCD than he.
Hairy Gary Needs Laser Hair Removal.

"Gary should" :

Gary should definitely record a video message for the World Economic Forum in Davos and post it on YouTube.
Gary should be fired.
Gary should have filed suit for stealing his work.
Gary should stop to making blues recordings and go back to good old hard rocking.

"Gary will" ;

Gary will cut through some of the B.S.
Gary will show you how to draw different cartoon characters - in ten easy steps!
Gary will probably Get Some ...
Gary will be remembered by many for years ...

"Gary believes":

Gary believes he knows everything about Pokémon because he’s Professor Oak’s grandson.
Gary believes that life will not go according to plan.
Gary believes that in order for food to taste exceptional it has to be fresh!
Gary believes that an erotic image has to have a human element.

... by the way, the photo was also snagged by a Google® Image Search, and there was an awesome story that went with it that I may post in the comments section...


Blogger TheMick said...

Google #1 search
Tim wants.. us to believe that one language is enough.

Tim needs..So what does Tim think that Tim needs?

Tim should.. really be more careful about leaving his videos around the house.

Tim will.. manage identity information using a new standard. Have you met Tim?

Tim believes.. YES is crucial to the development of young scientists in academia today.

Tim is a.. young man with below average intelligence.

1:22 PM  
Blogger njCYNical said...

Cindy wants to know what The Bubba had for his birthday dinner.

Cindy needs your help! (Gaaaaaarrrrryyyyy!!!!!!)

Cindy should be seen and heard by all Americans

Cindy will arrange for coverage as far ahead of time as possible

Cindy believes in teamwork and holds her team to a high ethical and performance standard.

Cindy is a gift to us. (You know the kind you re-gift to some other sucker)

6:23 AM  
Blogger Stinkypaw said...

That's a fun search! I'm not so lucky to find so many answers... oh well!

12:41 PM  

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