Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Disc Mus' Be My Lucky Day

Nine to five, my official capacity is the field of graphic design. There are worse ways to spend your day. People who read this blog know that I'm an illustrator/painter deep down, but the design stuff is great to do too.

Enter Cale Hawkins. Cale is a local musician who is just really talented. I'm not going to bore you with a bunch of details, but I encourage you to check him out at his web site.

Anyway, I've been a friend of Cale's family for a while, and I recently got the chance to help Cale out with an upcoming CD he is releasing. NO... I wasn't doing anything musical. I was helping with the design. Here's a few samples. Cale will no doubt be famous someday, and when that day comes I will show up on his doorstep to exploit his wealth. See you then, Cale.

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Blogger princess slea said...

and then when your famous because he's famous i will sell all my photos and mr. social artwork.

hmmm, maybe i'll even write a "tell all"

3:33 PM  

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