Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Excessive Force... the sequel

A few months ago I put on an art exhibit of Star Wars paintings and sold a few. Well, the remaining paintings are now on display at Rider's Cup coffee, and they are generating more interest! I have sold another and there's been a few inquiries too on a few other pieces. I will be hanging the remainder of the show tomorrow and it should be up until the January first.

In the mean time, I just can't leave well enough alone. Here's a sketch for another... I think it might sell to the right buyer...

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Blogger Cooksterz said...

That stormtrooper has HOT LEGS!! HA - Great news on the paintings selling! Im jealous of whoever got eh Java Jawa one!! sorry if i got that name wrong!! Congrats Gary and those Bialystock film ads are hilarious!!

3:03 PM  

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