Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Getting on the "Band" wagon

Preppygirl and her beau convinced me to do one of these crazy blog thingies.

Pick one recording artist or group you like and answer the following questions with their song titles:

I am going to have to pick They Might Be Giants

Are you male or female? Particle Man
Describe yourself. Why Must I Be Sad?
How do some people feel about you? Doctor Worm
How do you feel about yourself? S-E-X-X-Y
Describe your "ex". She thinks She's Edith Head
Describe your current significant other. She's Actual Size
Describe where you want to be. Istanbul (Not Constantinople
Describe how you live. Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head
Describe how you love. Another First Kiss
What would you ask for if you had a wish? I Should Be Allowed to Think
Share a few words of wisdom. The Statue Got Me High
Now say goodbye. The End of the Tour


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