Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mort Drucker and the advent of technology...

There's a website that's really worth checking out. I've blogged before about artist Bobby Chiu and his digital painting videos. His website ( is a real education for artists. I have yet to enroll in any of the classes, but since I have started watching this site and the videos posted there, I've started digital painting myself. I think I am getting the hang of this...

About 3 weeks ago I caught a video on the site and it really started me thinking. Character designer, Stephen Silver posted a video of a visit he had with Mort Drucker in Mort's home and studio. Mort Drucker is one of my heroes from the pages and several covers of MAD Magazine.

Anyway, in watching the video, I saw something that made me think. At one point, as Stephen Silver is interviewing, Mort starts to sketch in pencil. Then he does something that I haven't done in almost 10 years. Mort Drucker takes out a pen to start inking his illustration and dips it in ink. DIPS IT IN ACTUAL INK.

I've been working with computers a lot, and although I still prefer to sketch almost everything in pencil first, it never occured to me to go back to the old quill style ink pen. So tonight, as I was sketching a character for an upcoming animation, I broke out the pen and ink. There is something to be said for this technique. As I prepare to teach a few art classes this early spring, I'm glad Mort Drucker is still teaching me things.

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Blogger Julia said...

Way cool. Continuous (re)education rocks.

4:28 AM  
Blogger Cooksterz said...

Interesting. I like the part about ACTUAL ink. Im sure the hand application, gives strength to the part of your brain, that made you an artist in the first place. Sort of the same for those who like writing. Putting in on good paper, with a good pencil lead, is calming. Unlike a keyboard.. wait.. i liked the typewriter too. Seeing the site now..

6:36 PM  

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