Thursday, May 13, 2010

The things legends are made of...

There's a family joke in my household that I have held more jobs than any one person really should. In the interest of verifying this partial urban legend I have decided to try listing my jobs as I remember them. It's a good idea to because I'm sure I will forget a few as I get a few more gray hairs...

1. Wendy's - Grill and Drive-thru, Jamestown

2. Gas Dock & Marina - Bemus Point NY

3. Bartender - The Casino, Bemus Point NY

4. McDonald's - Grill, Fairmount Jamestown NY

5. Art Instructor - Jamestown Boys & Girls Club

6. Pizza Hut - Cook, Fairmount Jamestown

7. McDonald's - Grill, Sunrise FL

8. The Lobby Store - Delivery and Prep, Fort Lauderdale FL

9. Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, Admissions

10. The Old Pineloft Deli - Shift Manager, Chautauqua NY

11. Chautauqua Cinema - Admissions, Chautauqua NY

12. Hot Rocks - Kitchen Manager, Chautauqua NY

13. The Gallery Restaurant - Head Cook, Chautauqua, NY

14. Giambrone's - Line cook, Mayville NY

15. RJ's Landing - Bar back, waiter, expiditor, Fort Lauderdale FL

16. RAMADA Inn - Waiter, Room Service, Sunrise FL

17. Nu-Ideas Advertising - Designer, Jamestown NY

18. Sirriano and Associates - Designer, Jamestown NY

19. Mission Control Design, Senior Partner, Jamestown NY

20. Dave Poulin Studio's - Art Instructor, Jamestown NY

21. Jamestown Afterschool Program - Art Instructor

22. Gator's - Singing Waiter, Fort Lauderdale FL

23. Broward Center for Performing Arts, Ticketing Agent, Fort Lauderdale FL

24. Resource Center - Drama Instructor, Jamestown NY

25. McConnon - Art Director, Mayville NY

26. Jamestown Community College - Adjunct Professor, Jamestown NY

27. Day Laborer - Advanced Productions, Western NY

28. Cafeteria Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY

29. Reporter Magazine - Editor-in-Chief, RIT Rochester NY

30. Infinity Performing Arts Program - Art Instructor, Jamestown NY

31. Jamestown Cycle Shop - Art Director, Jamestown NY

There are more, I'm sure, but it occurs to me now at 12:13 AM that we are out of coffee filters. Wegmans is a comforting bright place this time of night. The real question is, what will my next job be?...


Blogger Julia said...

Didn't you also work for City Magazine in Rochester or was that contractual work?

That's a crazy list.

4:36 AM  
Blogger Mr. Social said...

City Newspaper was freelance. I FORGOT TO MENTION ANOTHER ONE.

32. Cherry Lounge - Cook, Jamestown NY

9:17 AM  
Blogger Cooksterz said...

Wow - OMG mine starts with Jack in the Box... lol!! haha Why cant i read your blog. while im leaving this comment??. now i have to review.... standby

you may now resume reading: (lol)
Oh the kitchen work, impresses me! that is some grunt work all the way to educated impressiveness! Your family and friends, prolly rely on your vast experience! They aks you to do alot dont they?? HAHA :D great catchup, mustard!

10:02 PM  
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