Thursday, May 13, 2010

The things legends are made of...

There's a family joke in my household that I have held more jobs than any one person really should. In the interest of verifying this partial urban legend I have decided to try listing my jobs as I remember them. It's a good idea to because I'm sure I will forget a few as I get a few more gray hairs...

1. Wendy's - Grill and Drive-thru, Jamestown

2. Gas Dock & Marina - Bemus Point NY

3. Bartender - The Casino, Bemus Point NY

4. McDonald's - Grill, Fairmount Jamestown NY

5. Art Instructor - Jamestown Boys & Girls Club

6. Pizza Hut - Cook, Fairmount Jamestown

7. McDonald's - Grill, Sunrise FL

8. The Lobby Store - Delivery and Prep, Fort Lauderdale FL

9. Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, Admissions

10. The Old Pineloft Deli - Shift Manager, Chautauqua NY

11. Chautauqua Cinema - Admissions, Chautauqua NY

12. Hot Rocks - Kitchen Manager, Chautauqua NY

13. The Gallery Restaurant - Head Cook, Chautauqua, NY

14. Giambrone's - Line cook, Mayville NY

15. RJ's Landing - Bar back, waiter, expiditor, Fort Lauderdale FL

16. RAMADA Inn - Waiter, Room Service, Sunrise FL

17. Nu-Ideas Advertising - Designer, Jamestown NY

18. Sirriano and Associates - Designer, Jamestown NY

19. Mission Control Design, Senior Partner, Jamestown NY

20. Dave Poulin Studio's - Art Instructor, Jamestown NY

21. Jamestown Afterschool Program - Art Instructor

22. Gator's - Singing Waiter, Fort Lauderdale FL

23. Broward Center for Performing Arts, Ticketing Agent, Fort Lauderdale FL

24. Resource Center - Drama Instructor, Jamestown NY

25. McConnon - Art Director, Mayville NY

26. Jamestown Community College - Adjunct Professor, Jamestown NY

27. Day Laborer - Advanced Productions, Western NY

28. Cafeteria Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY

29. Reporter Magazine - Editor-in-Chief, RIT Rochester NY

30. Infinity Performing Arts Program - Art Instructor, Jamestown NY

31. Jamestown Cycle Shop - Art Director, Jamestown NY

There are more, I'm sure, but it occurs to me now at 12:13 AM that we are out of coffee filters. Wegmans is a comforting bright place this time of night. The real question is, what will my next job be?...